My Zumba buddies took me to Kisaku, one of Dubai's best Japanese restaurants. Mostly frequented by Japanese residents, the restaurant is owned by a Japanese Chef and he employs Japanese hostesses to add to the authenticity to the place. The menu is very extensive bringing together mostly home-style cuisine. It has a tapanyaki bar, sushi bar, Chosen (set meals), Ramen, Udon, and one of the best Kazu-Kare in town. If you're looking for authentic Japanese cuisine, Kisaku is unmistakenly the place to go. Surprisingly, its pretty reasonable by Dubai standards, a set meal including coffee and desert will set you back AED 130 per person (about GBP22 (8 different dishes)
The restaurant is located at the Al Khaleej Palace Hotel in Deira, Dubai but the schelp is well worth the visit if not once on your visit to the area.

Hi, this is my first blog. I've decided to ramble about food, travel
and a few lifestyle elements that make up my world. Today, I'm going to focus on
making this a user friendly blog/website instead of posting what I intend to
make in my tiny kitchen. So hang in there for my next post. See you soon! 



    Hi, I'm Michelle and I'm the Hungry Apprentice.